West Albany Booster Club
We strive to help make WAHS a better place.
West Albany Booster Club........ Who are we?
The West Albany Booster Club is a volunteer group of parents, organized to support extracurricular activities that can enrich students' lives while they attend WAHS, home of the Bulldogs. We show support of WAHS & our children by our fundraising efforts for sports activities, clubs, Leadership group, Future Business Leaders, Drama, Hi-Steppers, Band & other all-school groups. Valid requests from these groups for help in funding projects are carefully reviewed to decide allocations.

We realize academics are important; however, participation in mutual interest clubs, sports & other non-academic activities are also an important part of being in high school. Booster Club members provide the support to help make it a positive experience for our children.

It takes all of us to make WAHS Boosters successful. Please take a minute to join so that you, too, can enjoy the "Booster Club" experience...we do it for the kids!
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